The best Canadian web directories for you business

Canada can be regarded as the land of IT. The universities and the education curriculum is the best when it comes to the IT. The rise of IT has led to the creation of the best web directories which originate from the Canadian minds. These web directories are regarded as the best and can be used to boosts your business website even if you just have created it. The best part of these web directories is that they are ranked high over the search engines. Getting your website listed over these directories make sure that you get the best results and the SEO rankings. The Canadian web directories which will be mentioned in this article are the ones where the submission can be made by any business. From SEO to customer review it is very important to note that you will get the best outcomes if such directories are partnered with.


It is the best business directory which you can use to get your business boosted as per your choice. The directory is awesome to get to the business niche you are looking for with simple clicks. The directory has an interface which is very easy to understand and therefore highly recommended. The directory also presents the promos and the generate leads for the business. The best part is that the submission over the directory is completely free of cost. The only restriction is that you should be a Canadian with a local business to get listed on the web directory.

Strictly Canadian

The best part of this web directory is that you can’t access it from outside Canada. A proxy server can be used to get the work done which can then be used to submit website if you are currently out of Canada. The web directory is the best for the businesses that want to get listed on other websites. It is because this web directory gets featured on the number of other websites. You can also contact the owners of the directory to make sure that your business is listed on their premium page as it will get you more limelight you deserve.

Canada One

If you think that your business is underrated then this directory is for you. The Canadian startups looking for exposure can get to this directory to make their dreams come true. The overall management of the directory is great and the Maple Leaf on the top clearly depicts that the businesses from Canada will be listed as much as possible. Just like other Canadian directories this one also gets listed on several forums. It is, therefore, a good idea to get your business listed here.


This business directory is the farthest reach when it comes to page views. The best part is easy to understand the structure of the directory and 43 million customers that get to the website to find what they are after. The directory 411 has the range greater than Yellow Pages and even the Canadian Yelp. It is highly organized and recommended to all.